Schedule & Location

In 2020, we moved into the newly built gymnastics facility located within the Lerbäcks school premisis. We're using "Lilla salen" (i.e., "The small facilitie" in English) for training. Even though this is the room located furthest away from the entrance, we've been assigned the locker rooms closest to the entrance logical, huh?
To use the locker rooms you need a key tag to get access, it can be obtained from one of the instructors.

Should you arrive late, there is an intercom buzzer for "Lilla salen". However, please arrive in good time before the training starts; if you arrive late, you'll need to wait at the traning room entrence untill an instructor invites you to join the session.





20:30 - 22:00

Kung Fu 


20:00 - 21:30

Kung Fu


10:00 - 11:30

Tai Chi / Qi Gong

First hour is instructed

Last 30 min: self-study


Classes are held in the gymnastics room called "Lilla salen", inside the sports building called "Lerbäckshallen".
Lerbäckshallen is located a mere 5 minute walk away from the north side of the central train station.

Fees & Payment

Adults and students

The term fee is 1250 SEK for adults and a reduced 1050 SEK for students. Instructors pay a reduced fee. There are two terms per year.

Payment and terms

As a newcomer, you are allowed to train three times for free. Thereafter, you register with your instructor.

If you have a Swedish bank account, pay via your bank to PlusGiro 343792-8 using the instructions below.

If you pay from outside Sweden, use the
IBAN: SE46 9500 0099 6018 0343 7928, specify Kontohavare/Account owner: TIA QI-GONG & KUNG FU FÖRENING-LUND, and use the instructions below.

Please provide the following information in the payment:

  • Name (the name of the student, not the payee).
  • Reason for payment (i.e., membership fee, class and year)

So your payment information will read something like this: "Jackie Chan, Membership fee, adult, Autumn 2023".

Pay with Swish

You can, of course, also pay with SWISH! The number is 123 029 68 14.
Please do include your details in the same way as explained above.


If you like a receipt for your fee, please send an e-mail specifying your name, Swedish personal number (personnummer), discipline (Kung Fu, or Tai Chi/Qi Gong), the term, and the amount paid. You'll have the receipt from your instructor in a fortnight.

Social Media

Information about our club events, events shared with other clubs in our association and general social stuff happens in our Facebook group. Please consider joining the group to keep up to date.