Kung Fu

Responsible: Sifu Zi Kin Martin Olin & Gaulin Johan Rask

The Kung Fu system that we base our practise on is called "Five Forms", it's a traditional Southern Shaolin system. The Five Forms training includes hand techniques (e.g., animals, Lohan, drunken, etc), approximately 70 official weapons, chinna (i.e., a form of grappling) and traditional fighting. Qi Gong, Lion dance, Tai Chi and Sanshou complements the Kung Fu training as well as the strength, flexibility, hardening and mental training.

We practise Kung Fu to challenge and improve ourselves physically and mentally, and to have great fun in the process of doing so!

You must be at least 12 years of age for attending our training (15 years for Tai Chi / Qi Gong). Other than that, it doesn't matter if you are 12 or 65; the training is diverse enough to offer challenges and advantages for each age, gender, and physique.

Beginners are accepted at the start of each new term – please see our schedule.

You're very welcome to come and train with us for a couple of times. To try out how the Five Forms Kung Fu style suits you.

Core values:

We demand that you do your best.

We all train and practice to improve our skills and our health. 

We believe that laughter and friendship are an important part of life.

The Animals


The panther is a strong, slick and unafraid animal; with a tense, solid and hard body the panther style resembles the tiger's, but it also has many similarities with the crane style.

The techniques are quick and powerful, where dealing deadly elbow strikes and panther paw attacks are fundamental.

This cat animal is surprisingly strong for its size, with the lack for mercy and its blinding speed, this certainly makes the panther a deadly adversary.


The tiger is quick and more straight forward than the other animals. With its fierce gaze, the tiger instills fear in the opponent. Using its claws, devastating and brutal blows are delivered to break bones and tear the muscle fabrics apart.

Upon receiving an attack, the tiger strikes back instantly; not only blocking the attack, but simultaneously attacking! The kicks need to be delivered with great power, be it front kicks or roundhouse kicks.

For an effective tiger style your body needs very much physical training. Because of the great emphasis on power within the stile, the tiger comes off as the least "graceful" of the animals.


The crane is a gracious animal with beauty and deceptive strength; As the following sayings goes: "The waters wear the stones" and "One Hand Lies, the Other Hand Tells the Truth".

While not as offensive as the other animal styles, the crane flourish with its attacks aiming for weak spots such as: nerve points, eyes and joints.

Within the crane system you also train with the weapons sword and shield; the shield "closes" and the sword "thrusts".
Moreover, some shields in the crane style come equipped with knife spikes covering the outer circle.


Within the Shaolin temples, dragon style has been one of the foremost practiced styles. The dragon's shape is vigorous, great and fiery.

The techniques put emphasis on blocking, distraction and the delivery of powerful painful strikes. When you strike as a dragon, your hands take the shape of a "claw", our legs represent the "tail" of the dragon. 

The dragon shifts from high and low stances, while keeping a stable footwork, attacking with flexible hook kicks and long smooth front kicks;
like a smokescreen: "You may be able to see and smell it, but you can't catch it. If it retaliates, you're doomed!".


The snake's strength comes from its gentle smoothness, dexterity and rhythmic movement; with the flow of the snake style, flexible battle stances are used to quickly avoid attacks, but also to retaliate with precision in an instant!

The movement pattern within the style is mystical and confusing, strikes seem to appear from nowhere and kicks are fast with a whipping power.

The primary weapons in the snake style are the staff and the whip. Moreover, one hand is usually placed under the upper most arm to protect against nerve strikes and attacks coming from below.

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