Qi Gong

Responsible: Sifu Klas Bertilsson

You can translate the word "Qi" to air, but the term Qi includes so much more. The Taoists of old discovered that there's life energy to be harnessed from the air; if one could master this element, there was great power to be gained. 

Inspired by the air element and its attributes, the Taoists drew the conclusion that exercising breathing techniques would increase our life force, harmony and energy level.


This life energy concept was later incorporated into a Qi Gong system within a Shaolin Buddhist temple in the 4th century. The patriarch Bodhidharma is credited with teaching the monks, living in the temple, yoga exercises to strengthen their bodies and inner energy – these teachings, in time, developed into a Qi Gong system.


Our Qi Gong style is based on the above-mentioned system. With this system, our overarching goal is to find balance and harmony – in our daily lives and within ourselves.


Moreover, within the realm of Qi Gong, we explain many possible positive effects that can be gained such as:

  • Improved nutrient uptake.
  • Nerve calming.
  • Balanced psyche.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Improved sexual ability.

Tai Chi (Taiji)

Responsible: Sifu Klas Bertilsson

From the concepts of Qi Gong, Tai Chi started to take shape. Tai Chi, with the meaning "the utmost", is the term for explaining the uttermost godlike energy and its transformations. With inspiration from the Qi Gong systems, Taoist magicians, with immense knowledge of the universe, formed the Tai Chi system we know today.

This ultimate energy, which Tai Chi symbolizes, is manifested through the highest form of Qi exercises, Qi Gong and Tai Chi.


Tai Chi is a martial art with Qi Gong built in.

We train Tai Chi not only as a martial art, but also for our health. It is a way to train coordination, balance and breathing in combination with Qi Gong principles.


The Tai Chi we practice combines many different styles, (e.g., Yang, Wudang, Sun and other influences). We have a practical approach to the Tai Chi styles, and we connect our practice with martial arts applications.

To achieve this, we strive to understand and learn more about ourselves, our body and our mind. The difference between Kung Fu and Tai Chi is that we work from the inside out – our focus is on "Inner Training".


The training contains forms and sparring, all thought out in a way that everyone benefits from.



We welcome juniors from 12 years old and above for the Kung Fu traning, and from 15 years old for the Tai Chi / Qi Gong traning.

This is an excellent opportunity for parents to train together with their child.

The Elements

There are five elements within the Taoistic belief system (i.e., also in the system we practice); water, wood, earth, metal and fire. These are the cosmical building blocks that make out the macro and micro perspectives of the universe, and as such, affects all the changes in the universe – even us humans.

The elements should not only be seen as something physical, but also as ongoing abstract processes without matter.



From the southern hemisphere and the planet Mars, fire energy was created. This is manifested by the southern direction and summer season.


Within the body, the fire energy is associated

with the heart and small intestine.

The energy is expanding, rising, and evolving – fire is the second element.


From the western hemisphere and the planet Venus, metal energy was created. This is manifested by the western direction and autumn season.

Within the body, the metal energy is associated

with the lungs and colon.

The energy is contracting, changing and obedient – metal  is the fourth element.


From the northern hemisphere and the planet Mercury, water energy was created. This is manifested by the northern direction and winter season.


Within the body, the water energy is associated with the kidneys and bladder.


The energy is inwardly moistening, descending and collective – water is the first element.


From the eastern hemisphere and the planet Jupiter, wood energy was created. This is manifested by the eastern direction and spring season.

Within the body, the wood energy is associated with the liver and gall bladder.

The energy is creative, and it's both curved and straight – wood is the third element.


The energy from Earth (Tellus) created the central hemisphere and the planet Saturn.

This is manifested by the central direction and the

Indian summer season.

Within the body, the earth energy is associated

with the spleen, stomach and pancreas.

The energy is stabilizing, and is also expressed in sowing and harvesting – earth is the fifth element.

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